“When The Skies Split”


Down here in this life today
The earthly clouds hang thick and gray
The fog of doubt obscures the sun
By faith I just keep holding on
Though I'm pressed on every side, though I cannot see
I can feel God's love reach down to me
He's drawing closer each moment, and I
Am just waiting for the day when He bursts through the sky

Chorus When the skies split and the clouds flee away
At the end of the night, at the break of the day
When the Lord comes back to take us away...
At the dawn of a new life
At the break of the day

Now we see through a glass
But soon this mist of life will pass
Our minds are attacked, as those around
Are doing their best to drag us down
But we must never give up, never give in
We must keep believing 'til He comes again
He'll come in his glory; every eye shall see
When He breaks through the night to set his people free


Bridge Fight the good fight
Finish the race
Stand in his power
Go in his grace
For God's only Son
Has already won
And someday soon we'll see his face!