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During the years when the children of our family were little, they enjoyed illustrating several rhyming books that we wrote based on Bible stories. After storing these books for over two decades, we decided to scan them into the computer and offer them in their entirety for free download. To the three original books we added The Ballad of Jesus, which was illustrated by the now-adult artists of our family in 2007.

In addition to printable PDF download, we have made available a "flipbook" version of each work, which imitates the experience of a real physical book with computer animation effects. This technology also makes it possible to add audio narration, so that readers can flip through the book as it is read aloud to them by the author.

Naturally, the illustrations drawn for Upon This Rock, The Tearful Task, and The Pierced Heart are from a child's perspective and, along with the rhyming nature of the poem stories, appealing to the younger set. However, people of all ages may find the underlying truths about salvation, faith, worship, humility, and discipleship both thought-provoking and a good teaching tool.

We are most grateful for all that the Lord has taught us over the years, and allowed us to express in word and song for His glory. We hope that these new resources will be as much of a blessing to you as they have been to our family.

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