Scripture Song of Matthew 5:16

“Let Your Light So Shine”

Commentary on Matthew 5:16

by Living Faith Fellowship

Passages like this one often cause us to frantically reevaluate our lives: Are we "doing enough for God" to let our light shine and reach the world? What does it really mean to let our light shine? Jesus gives us a perfect, clear analogy in the previous verse: No one lights a candle, and then hides it where its light cannot be seen (Matt. 5:15). He does not say that we are to produce that light, nor that we must take it to every corner of the world; He simply tells us not to hide it.

The things that can hide our light are far more serious than natural timidity or fear. Anything that comes between us and God - any iniquity regarded in our hearts, any clinging to self - can become the bushel basket that makes our light useless.

When we are truly emptied of self, the light can shine forth with the brightness of God's Son - even though we, like Moses, may be completely unaware of what others see (Ex. 34:29).

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Matthew 5:16

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  1. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.