“Why Art Thou Cast Down?”

The second verse and chorus of this song are the same as the first, translated into the original language in which the Psalmist expressed himself - Hebrew (translation courtesy of resident linguist Jennie).


When troubles come, I know that I am not alone
Cast down and despairing though my soul may be
For there is One, who'll keep me safe and bring me home
His presence always comforts in my time of need

Chorus: Why art thou cast down, cast down, O my soul?
And why art thou disquieted within me?
Remember the Almighty One is still in control
Put your hope, put your trust, in his mercy
He will send his lovingkindness in the daytime
In the night, his song shall be with me
Why art thou cast down, cast down, O my soul?
Hope in God, who will deliver thee

Second verse and chorus in Hebrew, presented phonetically here

beez-mahn tsoh-roht
ahf ahz ah-nee yoh-day-ah
sheh loh neh-eh-zahv-tee l'vah-dee
kee yehsh eh-khahd
ah-shehr ee-mee nee-shahr tah-meed
noh-khoo-toh beez-mahn tsoh-rehkh m'nah-khehm oh-tee

Chorus lah-mah aht aht-soo-bah aht-soo-bah nahf-shee
v'lah-mah aht loh nah-khah b'toh-khee
zeekh-ree sheh hah-Rahv Koh-ahkh moh-lehkh ahd ah-yeen
see-mee eht teekh-vah-tehkh b'rah-khah-mahv
Hoo yeesh-lahkh eht ah-hah-vah-toh bee-sh'oht hah-yohm
oo-vah lah'ee-lah shee-roh ee-mee
lah-mah aht aht-soo-bah aht-soo-bah nahf-shee
ah-koh veh vah eh-v'tahkh beh-lee