“When I see The Blood”


A shadow falls on Egypt and the children are afraid
What is this crimson stain above our door?
The life's blood of a spotless lamb, a symbol of our faith
In the promise of a righteous, faithful Lord
This night I pass through Egypt to cause a bitter cry
For the firstborn in each house will surely die

Chorus But when I see the blood, I will pass over you
When death lurks in the night, my hand will cover you
I'll lead you through the desert
On dry land through the flood
I'll be a shield about you
When I see the blood

The sun is dark at midday and we tremble at the scene
A bloodstained cross against an angry sky
The One who hangs upon it is the Lamb sent to redeem
The souls that, lost from God, would surely die
His blood is our protection
His cross becomes the door
O enter in and dwell forevermore


Bridge The Lamb who once was slain upon a cross will soon return
Triumphant as a Lion He will come
In truth and justice He will judge the nations of the earth
And render to each man as he has done