“The Only Way”


You may boast and you may say
I'll get to heaven my own way
You may waste your life in striving for that goal
But God's the judge, and in the end
You'll stand alone, without a friend
And who will pay the price to save your soul?

Chorus The only Way, the only Truth, the only Life
The only Son of God is Jesus Christ
The only Name on earth whereby we must be saved
The only Door, our only hope, the only Way

You may honor some great name
A man who lit a candle flame
And said he would enlighten this world's gloom
But be careful where you place your trust
The greatest man still turns to dust
There's only One who left an empty tomb

Bridge Jesus said, No man comes to the Father but by Me
I am the only Door and I have the only key
And if you walk outside my light, you have no hope to see
If you do not believe my truth, it cannot set you free