“The Offer”


The alarm clock always rings on Monday morning
And she makes herself get up and face the day
Twenty-five years old, a broken marriage
Three kids to raise alone, but she's okay
Oh the void inside that lonely heart is deeper
Than any man on earth can hope to fill
But a thousand voices crowd her mind to keep her
From looking for the only love that will

Chorus Because the blind are leading the blind around
And they grope for the sky, yet cling to the ground
The evening comes and the sun goes down with no hope
They'll get up tomorrow and try again
But they'll find no peace till they look for Him
Who offers all the lost in sin
The chance to be His own

He sits alone, surrounded by achievement
And listens to the beating of his heart
The doctors tell him it will soon fall silent
But even they can't see into the dark
Is there something on the other side of nothing?
Where a PhD won't get you in the door?
But in all the words he's read and said and written
He'll never find the truth he's looking for


Bridge Come unto Me, all ye that labor
And are heavy laden
And I will give you rest
Take my yoke upon you and learn of Me
For I am meek and lowly of heart
And ye shall find rest unto your souls
For my yoke is easy
And my burden is light

Yes He offers all the lost in sin
The chance to be his own