Spoken parts in italics

O Mordecai, O Mordecai, you're messing up my act!
Just be impressed like all the rest and clap me on the back
I've got my image all built up - don't tear it down with facts!
If you don't bow I'm gonna find a way to get you back

Those who read the Bible know
In Persia many years ago
A wicked man named Haman lived and ruled
Second only to the king
He was the boss of everything
Sittin' pretty, ridin' high and lookin' cool
The people bowed when he passed within a mile
And inside himself he wore a big fat smile
There was not a man on earth who's place he'd trade
(Except, of course, the king...)
Well anyway, he almost had it made
Until one day...

Haman passed through the gate and looked around
And spotted one who wouldn't grovel on the ground
He just sat there! He wouldn't even nod his head!
Right then and there, Haman vowed to see him dead

O Mordecai, O Mordecai, why won't you play along?
You're raining on my party - you're messing up my song!
The million crowds that scrape and bow don't mean a thing to me
As long as Mordecai sits in that gate so stubbornly

Now we all know the story of how Haman tried to do
Away with Mordecai and all the people of the Jews
But his plans ran off the tracks
And the scheme came firing back
And Haman's neck wound up there in the noose

Now if this story from the Bible has a slight familiar ring
You might want to stop and think a minute here
That black cloud in your blue sky - could it be Mordecai?
Who just won't tell you what you want to hear?

That unimpressed guy Mordecai, that flat note in your tune
May be the one God sent to put a prick in your balloon
Don't be one of those Hamans, who just will not be taught
They still go out and set their traps
But you know who gets caught!