The Ballad of Jesus

The Ballad Of Jesus was originally a song, written by Jettie Hitchcock in the 1980's. Back around Christmas 2007, we decided to turn the lyrics into a short rhyming children's book about the life and message of Jesus. Illustrations were provided by Tim and Jennie. We have now made this project available as an online-viewable flipbook (below), and a downloadable PDF (at right). Like everything on our site, it is completely free of charge. You can make as many copies as you want, and give them to whomever you want, provided there is no financial gain involved.

Narrated audio flipbook

Click the image below to experience this book online with simulated page turning and narration by the author. Adobe Flash Player required.

To mute the narration, click the "speaker" icon on the top control bar as shown at left.

Download printable

If you would like to print your own copy of The Ballad of Jesus, you can download this free PDF which will print on standard size paper. The result can be stapled together or ring-bound for off-computer reading.